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Binary Expansion Testing

  • R Package BET
  • Reference: Zhang, K. (2019). BET on Independence, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 114, 1620-1637.

Group Randomization Inference

  • R Code
  • Reference: Zhang, K., Traskin, M. and Small, D. (2012). A Powerful and Robust Test Statistic for Randomization Inference in Group-Randomized Trials with Matched Pairs of Groups. Biometrics, Volume 68, 75-84.

Post-Selection Inference

  • R Package PoSI
  • Reference: Berk, R., Brown, L. D., Buja, A., Zhang, K. and Zhao, L. (2013a). Valid Post-Selection Inference. The Annals of Statistics, 41 (2), 802-837.

Robust Linear Regression Inference

  • R Package perccal
  • Reference: McCarthy, D., Zhang, K., Brown, L. D., Berk, R., Buja, A., George, E. and Zhao, L. (2017). Calibrated Percentile Double Bootstrap for Robust Linear Regression Inference, Statistica Sinica, accepted.