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I am an associate professor at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research. My research interests include post-selection inference, high-dimensional inference, and nonparametric inference.

Representative work:

  • Zhang, K., Zhao, Z., and Zhou, W. (2021). BEAUTY Powered BEAST, arXiv:2103.00674. Paper. Talk. R Package
  • Zhang, K. (2019). BET on Independence, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 114, 1620-1637. Paper. Talk. R Package
  • Zhang, K. (2017). Spherical Cap Packing Asymptotics and Rank-Extreme Detection. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 63(7), 4572-4584. Paper
  • Berk, R., Brown, L. D., Buja, A., Zhang, K. and Zhao, L. (2013). Valid Post-Selection Inference. The Annals of Statistics, 41(2), 802-837. Paper. R Package
  • Zhang, K. (2008). Limiting Distribution of Decoherent Quantum Random Walks. Physical Review A, 77, 062302. Paper.

In the media:

  • An Inability to Reproduce. Communications of the ACM. Link
  • How big data has created a big crisis in science. The Conversation. Link

Curriculum Vitae